Vaginal Tightening Solutions

Aging brings about a number of undesirable but inevitable changes in your body. One such change vaginal dryness and laxity of the vaginal walls. The latter can also occur as a result of multiple childbirths. No matter what the cause, it is certain that these two can significantly impair how you and your partner experience pleasure during sexual intercourse.

vaginal tightening for loose vaginaWomen of today are becoming more and more self-assured and proactive with regards to their sexuality. Now, instead of passively accepting their fate, they actively seek out ways to regain a pleasurable sex life.

Since vaginal dryness and laxity can both decrease pleasurable sensations while increasing discomfort during sex, failure to address these problems may ultimately lead to voluntary sexual abstinence. However, you might want to try out the following vaginal tightening methods before giving up on your sex life.

Nonsurgical Vaginal Tightening

Nonsurgical methods to improve vaginal laxity involve exercise and topical creams or gels. Perhaps you might be familiar with Kegels exercises, which are performed by contracting your pelvic muscles as if you were trying to hold your pee. Doing this at regular intervals daily for several months will eventually lead to noticeable tightening of your vaginal walls.

Remember that your vaginal contains muscles that you can develop to increase both muscle tone and gripping ability. Doctors often recommended Kegel exercises for women who complain of vaginal laxity, pelvic prolapse, and urinary incontinence. Simple, effective, and natural, Kegel exercises may be the answer to your problem.

Another effective way of recovering vaginal tightness involves the topical application of gels and creams. With more and more brands surfacing in the market today, use your head and avoid blindly testing one preparation after another.

Internet has made doing your own research so much easier, and a good rule of thumb is to check each preparation’s list of ingredients avoiding those that contain alcohol, which can aggravate vaginal dryness, as well as harsh chemicals.

Favor brands which contain natural ingredients, and make sure to search for authentic user reviews and comments before trying them out. Creams and gels which offer added benefits are a better value for your money. Among the several solutions available online now, we’d recommend to check out the Intivar vaginal tightening gel as it has a proven track of positive feedback from women suffering with these problems.

Once you’ve selected a particular preparation, observe yourself closely and watch out for adverse side effects. Remember, your vagina has a delicate balance that can easily disrupted by these gels and creams, leaving you worse off than when you started.

Surgical Vaginal Tightening

Surgical vaginal tightening, also known as vaginoplasty, is a drastic but permanent solution to vaginal laxity. It may involve the removal of excess skin and tissue and application of traction to tighten the vaginal wall. Before opting to go ahead with surgical vaginal tightening, make sure to speak with qualified surgeons regarding the risks, benefits, and costs associated with the surgery.

natural vaginal tightening creamYou should be familiar with the possible complications that may develop permanently as a result not only of the surgical procedure, but of anesthesia use as well. These can include post-operative infection, excess bleeding, allergic reactions, and even death. Furthermore, you should also prepare appropriately beforehand because vaginoplasty will necessitate hospitalization and a relatively lengthy recuperative period.

There are several ways of effectively promoting vaginal tightening. A sensible approach would be to try out conservative methods before even considering surgery, unless your vaginal laxity is accompanied by other permanent distressing symptoms such as urinary incontinence. Surgery is never 100% complication-free, so it’s best to avoid it unless it is meant to treat a medical condition or save a life.

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